Now Taking Submissions

The Eclipse is now taking submissions from the Siena Heights community!!!

Be sure to look at our Submission Guidelines and send in your work.

Don’t forget!  We don’t just take Prose and Poetry!  We want to see your art, hear your music, be bewildered by your nonfiction, and get enamored with your budding skills as a comic artist and story teller.

Remember, our email is  We’d love to help any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

Happy Submitting!!!

THE FUTURE by Simone Yehuda


It is I who speaks.
It is I who waits for you.
It is I who embraces you.
It is I who is afraid, who trembles with joy,
Who weeps, who calls you.
Love fills me when I think of you.

Simone Yehuda is the original editor of the Siena Eclipse and the faculty advisor through the majority of its run.  This originally appeared in the 1999 issue of Eclipse.